We all know how lavender calms, relaxes and makes you blissfully happy, but do you know why it is called the ‘Queen of the Mediterranean’? Because of its special shade of purple and aromatic fragrance, it has been considered a royal plant since ancient times, and today it is a trademark of the Mediterranean. Why? Because her fragrance brings back memories of sand under your feet, the smell of the sea and the sound of waves in the summer evening walks along the coast.

This nostalgic feeling for the summer holidays has inspired us to create PERSONALIZED LAVENDER BAGS that will be the perfect memento of their staying at YOUR HOTEL. In addition to  flling rooms with the soothing scent, they will be the perfect gift for your guests to bring back to their homes where they will remind them of an unforgettable time at YOUR HOTEL

Here you can view and download our brochures currently available in 3 languages: Croatian, English and German.
Feel free to contact us via E-MAIL OR TELEPHONE if you want a brochure at your hotel. We will gladly send it to you.

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